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F&M specialized in the design, fabrication and installation of custom concrete countertops and complete kitchen and bath cabinetry. One stop shopping. We work closely with each client to create a personal expression of their style.

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F&M specialized in the design, fabrication and installation of custom concrete countertops and complete kitchen and bath cabinetry. One stop shopping. We work closely with each client to create a personal expression of their style.

Kitchen Collection
F&M can cast your custom concrete countertops in any shape and size. We can form in custom drainboards. Totally customizable.

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Vanity Collection
Our custom concrete vanities can be cast with integral, undermount or drop in sinks. Total customization.

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Shower Collection
F &M can for custom concrete shower pans to fit odd size spaces. We can cast concrete bench or corner seats and also concrete walls.

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In addition to our concrete products F&M offers complete kitchen and bath custom cabinetry.

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Specialty Items
Imagination is the only thing holding you back – fireplace surrounds, desks, waterfalls, bars, etc.

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Concrete Samples
F&M has over 40 different colors in stock. Custom samples can be made upon request.

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New to concrete?
Concrete is one of the fastest growing trends in homes across America! Your piece will be custom built and unique to your home.
Is it environmentally friendly?
Concrete by itself is environmentally friendly, plus we use many types of recycled glass, metals, stone chips, and sea shells.
How durable is it?
Durability of concrete is just as good as or better than any solid surface countertop material in today’s market.

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Frequent Questions

What Colors Are Available?

Any color! Any color can be produced in a solid, speckled or variegated pattern. And, you can specify embedded stone, glass, or other objects. You can specify the color, size and density of embedments. Coupled with the many color choices, you have myriad design options.

What Kind Of Sinks Can Be Used With Concrete Countertops?

F & M concrete countertops can accommodate all types of sinks including drop-in, undermount and apron front. The minimum lip of concrete around all sides of sinks is 3”. Concrete can also accommodate drop-in cooktops. The minimum lip of concrete in the front of a cooktop is 3”; we recommend 3” for the back also, but 2” will suffice.

F & M can make integral concrete sinks of almost any shape. Bathroom vanities are an excellent application of integral concrete sinks. While integral concrete kitchen sinks are possible, F & M can also do undermount, apron, or drop-in concrete kitchen sinks. Because undermount sinks need to be independent from the countertop, F & M takes full responsibility in mounting these types of sinks.

F & M’s concrete sinks can also be made in different colors, creating contrast with your countertop.

What About Backsplashes?

Backsplashes are cast and finished separately and deck mounted after the countertops are installed. Backsplashes are nominally 1 inch thick and can be from 3 inches high to full height. Outlet openings are cast in, not cut on site.

Will Concrete Countertops Stain?

Bare concrete is very porous and will readily stain. Virtually all concrete countertops are sealed to prevent staining; however the degree to which these sealers works varies significantly. Commonly used sealers include wax and penetrating acrylic sealer. Both of these are inexpensive and easy to apply. However, neither offer significant stain or heat resistance, and both require frequent reapplication to prevent the formation of a “patina”. F & M’s sealer is different. We use a high-performance sealer that is exceptionally durable and provides excellent resistance to incidental contact with staining agents such as red wine, lemon juice and olive oil. Touch-up of any marks that do occur is simple and easy. For more information, see F&M's Care and Maintenance Guide

Will They Scratch?

While the sealer is durable, it can scratch if cut with a knife or subjected to heavy, sharp objects dragged across the surface. Cutting on the concrete may compromise the integrity of the sealer and allow stains to permeate the concrete matrix. Cutting on the concrete will also ruin knives, requiring a professional resharpening to reshape the damaged edge. Remember, concrete is made with stone, the same thing used to sharpen knives (and will therefore dull them just as easily). If you do scratch a countertop, you can easily contact F&M for repairs. For more information, see F&M's Care and Maintenance Guide.

Can I Put Hot Pots On The Countertops?

As with almost all types of countertop surfaces, you should use trivets and coasters. Concrete can microcrack if exposed to high heat, and the sealer is not elastic enough to “absorb” these microcracks. The sealer coating is heat resistant to 400 degrees, anything at or above this temperature is prone to sealer scorching. If this happens repairs can be made. Any object including but not limited to frying pan lids, crockpot lids, containers or mugs housing hot liquids subject to heat 150 degrees or over placed directly on sealer surface for a prolonged period may cause sealer to lift leaving a cloudy appearance in the finish. Depending on the severity of this cloudy appearance repairs may not be possible. Always use trivets and coasters for hot objects. For more information, see F & M's Care and Maintenance Guide.

Do You Offer A Warranty?

During the first year after installation, F & M Concrete Castings at its sole option, shall repair or replace product if it fails to maintain functional structural integrity for the intended purpose of the product solely due to a manufacturing defect. This applies to F & M Concrete Castings’ products that have been handled, fabricated, installed and maintained in the manner recommended by F & M Concrete Castings. Hairline cracks, surface scratches and cloudy patches due to sealer lift or sealer scorching are not included as part of this warranty. F & M Concrete Castings shall have sole and final right to determine whether a warranty claim is valid. All repairs outlined in the Care and Maintenance Section of the warranty will be at the cost of the customer.

Whom Can I Contact With Questions Or To Discuss A Project?

Contact F & M Concrete Castings at 607.988.9435 or



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