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  • Customizable
  • Different - unique
  • Endless color options
  • Custom sinks/drain boards
  • Low maintenance
  • Repairable
  • Affordable

If you are considering concrete for your home here are some things F & M customers may have in common with you.

One of the biggest reasons people buy from F & M is they are looking for something different and unique for their home. By contrasting colors with countertops, sinks and backsplashes you can create a whole new look for your kitchen or bath. We can add stone aggregate, granite and marble chips, many types of shells, glass aggregates in a large range of colors, two-sided mirror and metal inlays in copper, brass or aluminum.

Our customers also like the fact we can create any color. Quite often people have tiled backsplashes or elaborate paint schemes they don’t want to change. We can create a custom color for your countertop matching your existing scheme.

Many of our customers are in need of a new bathroom vanity top or kitchen sink and need to have a specific size or shape. Because concrete is formed and cast, we have the ability to create any size or shape. The end result is a perfect fit for any project. We also have a full line of both kitchen and bath custom sink molds to choose from. Our concrete sinks can be cast as integral, under mount or drop-in style.

To compliment our concrete kitchen sinks, we also have many requests for built-in drain boards. Our drain boards also can be made in any size or shape of your choosing creating a truly custom project.

Another big selling point for our customers is the extremely low maintenance our concrete products offer. Here at F & M we use only the highest quality sealer available. It is a one time seal application which is done in our shop before installation. There is no re-applying sealer for the homeowner after installation.

The maintenance on our concrete products could not be easier. Just wipe up when you are done. We recommend Clorox Wipes, Fantastic, 409, Windex etc. Anything non-abrasive works. You will find nothing sticks to the surface, so no scrubbing will be necessary. Our sealed countertops also create an excellent surface for baking preparations.

Another concern is chipping and scratching. While both the concrete and the sealed surface are very durable they can be chipped or scratched. If this happens F & M can make repairs by filling the chip or scratch and touching up the sealer with little or no down time for the customer.

Although our concrete products are affordable for homeowners, we find this is not usually a deciding factor for our customers. They buy our products because of all the above reasons.